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Edsel Arnold

Edsel Arnold, a native Georgian, has worked primarily as a Design Architect for over 30 years since graduating with a Masters in architecture from Georgia Tech. However, Edsel has always had a deep love of Fantasy literature, and in the 90's started to work toward a second career in art as the interior illustrator for a high end residential firm, where his watercolors were featured in Southern Living and Colonial Homes magazines and a series of Interior Design books for Zondervan Press.

In all of his work, Edsel melds aspects of Art Nouveau, Beaux Arts, and Viennese Secessionism into a unique personal style intent on beauty of line. His personal favorite characters in The Wheel of Time are Nynaeve, Verin, Mat, and Moiraine, though he is fascinated by Graendal, Demandred and Asmodean. He is sure that Androl is an anagram for Arnold.

Edsel's art can be seen at:

TT: If you were going to follow any of the main characters to Tarmon Gai'don, who would it be and why?
EA: I'm not a fighter. I'm a bookworm, intellectual, thinker, and my personality type is independence and only mentoring or advising people. If I were really anyone in the book it would be someone with the character of Verin, Brown Ajah, Herid Fel, or Sebban Balwer. I would attach myself to someone I could support in that way. I know I wouldn't follow Egwene because, except for a couple of stellar moments, she drives me nuts. Moiraine and Nynaeve I love, but they wouldn't need me. I've never felt "attached" to Rand, weird I know. Probably Mat or Perrin, because I could do my own thing and give them information that I had ferreted out… kind of like Verin or Balwer.
TT: What about the series captivated you? Why did you start reading?
I had been a big fan of Tolkien's work and his well developed mythology, and I kept trying to find a new series universe that was as well thought out as his. Nothing quite matched up to the pathos of Middle Earth. I wasn't overwhelmed with concern over anyone else's characters and their losses. A friend on a collectibles board knew I was searching for a complex, thorough world. Her boyfriend was reading The Wheel of Time books and had her hooked, so she suggested I try them. WoT had all the world building I wanted, with the bonus that Jordan's characters were even more developed and real than Tolkien's. With Tolkien I loved the story's world. With Jordan, I fell in love with the people within a world.

Paul Bielaczyc

Paul Bielaczyc was travelling down a different path in life when his brother came up with an interesting proposition: to start their own art studio. Starting in 2002, Paul, along with his brother Michael and sister Sara, founded Aradani Studios, an artwork and costuming business. Since beginning this adventure, Paul has been fortunate enough to do work for DragonLance, White Wolf, and even won a Chesley Award in 2006 for his disturbing piece, Nightmare.
Paul has been a fan of The Wheel of Time® since starting college, when he read the first six books in one summer. Being an avid costumer, Paul decided to cosplay Rand al’Thor back in 2003 for Halloween, and continues making The Wheel of Time costumes and art today. When approached by Ta’veren Tees to do artwork for their shirts, he was excited to show his love of the series through his artwork as well. More of his work, and costumes, can be seen at

TT: If you were going to follow any of the main characters to Tarmon Gai'don, who would it be and why?
PB: Well, if you were to ask my friends at JordanCon, I think they would tell you that I wouldn't be following anyone, I would be the wool-headed sheepherder leading the way. I have always been a fan of Rand, but I can honestly admit that nothing feels cooler than to have two dragon tattoos wrapped all the way up your arms.

TT: What about the series captivated you? Why did you start reading?
PB: I am a big fan of deep, intricate fantasy series, especially ones with rich characters. Starting with Tolkien in middle school and then Shannara in high school, I was looking for a new series to keep me engaged after graduating. I never would have imagined that Wheel of Time would have become such an influential series to me, giving me inspiration both in my costuming, and now in my artwork.

Ariel Burgess

Ariel Burgess hails from the Washington, D.C area, where she has lived most of her life. Her family is filled with artists and red heads, so she was destined for both. At an early age she set her sights on a career in comic book illustration, and recently finished her Associates of Web Design at Montgomery College.
In her art, Ariel chooses to bring fictitious things and people to life. She does not think she could have made the The Wheel of Time® cards if she had not been such a fan of the series or loved the characters so deeply. Because of that love, Ariel introduced her family to the series, and now they love it as much as she.
Ariel’s art can be seen at, as well as on Facebook at

TT: If you were going to follow any of the main characters to Tarmon Gai'don, who would it be and why?
AB: Egwene. She seems to be the most capable, sane character left. I also feel that I would fit very well with the Green Ajah. Egwene and I have similar personalities so I often agree with her decisions and pure awesome status. Although I really love Mat, Elayne, Nyneave, Lan, Rand, Moraine.....everyone, so that is a difficult decision. If I were really there.

TT: What about the series captivated you? Why did you start reading?
AB: I have always been a big fan of fantasy. I had just finished Margaret Weis's Amber and Ashes series when the Wheel of Time® was suggested to me by my boyfriend at the time. His mother used to read the series to him when he was little and they (he, his mother and his brother) insisted that I read it. I gave it a try. After the third book I was telling my family to read it. Now they are hooked as well. So, when I started to create the Wheel of Time card series I asked my family for not only critiques on the art but the characters. One in particular that stuck with me was when my mother saw the Nyneave I was working on and said, “She's not scowling enough, she needs to scowl more. Just remember she is trying not to tug her braid anymore.”

Seamas Gallagher

Seamas attended school at the Academy of Art College in San Franscisco. A year and a half after graduating he got a job as a Concept Artist with the video game studio Crystal Dynamics. Seamas worked with Crystal Dynamics for about three years before he decided to take a chance with freelancing. Since then, he’s been doing freelance concept art roughly three years, primarily working for video game studios.
For Seamas, working on Wheel of Time® art started out as a fun, personal side project. However, he was able to contribute art for the WoT graphic novel, and is excited to have his art on Ta’veren Tees now, as well. Seamas is an officially licensed WoT artist, whose art can be found at:

TT: If you were going to follow any of the main characters to Tarmon Gai'don, who would it be and why?
SG: That's a good one! I've always been a Rand fan, so I would most likely follow him...besides, he's kind of the 'main event', and I think I would want to be there to see how it all goes down first hand! But Mat would be a close second....with his charisma and luck, I could probably expect, at the very least, a good time at the last battle.

TT: What about the series captivated you? Why did you start reading?
SG: My good friend Jeremy Saliba, with whom I’ve collaborated with on lots of art related Wheel of Time pieces, was actually the one who got me started on the series. We were in art school together at the academy, and he suggested this little book called the Eye of the World. From then on, I was pretty much hooked. I think what captivated me most about the series from the beginning was that it was a fantasy series that put a different spin on the genre itself...for example, instead of wizards, there are Aes Sedai, and a dragon is a title, rather than an actual creature. Of course, there are still the familiar aspects of the fantasy genre that attract me either way; the things that tend to be inherent to a fantasy world in some capacity (an epic battle between good/evil, a prophetic hero/heroine, the idea of the hero's journey, etc.). At the end of the day, I'm just a big fantasy nerd.

Joe O'Hara

Joe is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting. Since graduating he has been working as a Graphic Designer in Atlanta and also a freelancing illustrator/painter.

Joe loves all things comic books and, for some reason, toys which clutter up his many bookshelves. He has also been an avid fantasy reader and huge fan of The Wheel of Time since he was thirteen.

Joe has been in the JordanCon art show since its inception three years ago, which lead to him becoming a licensed Wheel of Time artist. You can listen to his The Wheel of Time reread starring his friend Jono, himself, and his brother Tom at (adult content, not recommended for young listeners).

Sean Robinson

7 days before his deployment to Iraq, Sean decided to enroll in a pottery class called 'A Week on the Wheel'. Upon his return to North Carolina, Sean renewed his interest in pottery by finishing his art education degree. Also, he has studied ceramics in Florence, Italy and back in 2013, he and his beautiful wife started an Etsy business to sell geek inspired pottery,

Sean has great admiration for all things ceramic. He is drawn to functional forms, particularly the more rustic and simple ones. It is the creation process itself that Sean finds most gratifying. It usually begins with the research of historical or literary wares for inspiration. He then explores those forms further through various designs in his sketchbooks. Once a design is chosen, the clay is worked by hand to produce the final form. For Sean, it is all about having his hands-in-the-clay and being personally invested in each piece of his work. He is very excited to be able to share his functional pottery with Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fans.
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