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Ta’veren Tees:

Everything we do is inspired by our passionate mission to promote Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time by:

• Providing high quality apparel and products that reflect The Wheel of Time series, its themes, imagery and characters, and the legacy of Robert Jordan.

• Allowing The Wheel of Time fans the ability to display their love for Robert Jordan and The Wheel of Time through our products and offerings.

• Inspiring and creating moments of nostalgia, pride, and community in The Wheel of Time fandom through our brands and our actions.

• Creating value and making a difference everywhere we engage The Wheel of Time fans.

To achieve sustainable growth, we have established a vision with clear goals:

• Profit: Maintain profitability by being mindful of our overall responsibilities to the needs of The Wheel of Time community and providing products that the fandom sees value in.

• Portfolio: Bringing to the world a portfolio of apparel and products that anticipate and satisfy The Wheel of Time fans’ desires and needs.

• Community: Being a responsible community leader that positively promotes camaraderie in The Wheel of Time and its fandom.

• Partners: Nurturing a network of partners and building mutual loyalty and a sense of community.

• Charity: Represent the generous nature of The Wheel of Time community by contributing on an annual basis to charitable causes.

We are guided by shared values that we will live by as a company and as individuals.

• Passion: "Committed in heart and mind to The Wheel of Time and its fandom."

• Integrity: "Represent the resolve and values encompassed in the three ta’veren."

• Quality: "Our products represent The Wheel of Time and as such should be on par with the fandom’s expectations.”

• Collaboration: "Leverage the ideas, feedback, and wishes of the community to make superior products.”

• Innovation: "Seek, imagine, create, and delight The Wheel of Time fans everywhere."
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