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Be it a'dam, dream ter'angreal, or the glass columns of Rhuidean, these novelties are just as awesome as your favorite ter'angreal from the Wheel to Time.
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Gift Certificate 2018 The Wheel of Time Ornament Patch: Blademaster
Patch: Blademaster
Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Savings: $2.00
Aes Sedai Symbol Ornament Standard Edition (Single Deck):  WoT Playing Cards The Two Rivers Candle, 4 oz.
Perrin Aybara Challenge Coin Rand al'Thor Challenge Coin Emond's Field Candle, 8 oz.
Red Hand Dice Bag Fox and Ravens Stainless Steel Flask The Wheel of Time Logo Stainless Steel Flask
Red Hand Dice Bag
Price: $20.00
The Game of Crowns, Standard Edition The Dragon Banner The Game of Crowns, Collector's Edition
The Dragon Banner
Price: $35.00
Aes Sedai Shawl (Enchanted Kingdom Creations)
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