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Ta’veren Tees, also known as The Wheel of Time Store, is the creator of officially licensed The Wheel of Time® merchandise based on the epic, best-selling book series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Until the creation of Ta'veren Tees, fans had nowhere to find tees dedicated to everyone’s favorite epic. Realizing this need in 2010, WoT fans Elaine Brinson, Sophie Coleman, Jeffrey Daniel, and Kiley Daniel approached Harriet McDougal (Jordan’s editor and wife) with a proposal. Thus, Ta'veren Tees was born.

In all projects, Ta’veren Tees works with Harriet, as well as Team Jordan's Maria and Alan, to create products worthy of representing WoT, its characters, and the fandom that has grown up around it.
While the merchandise began with tee shirts, it and has grown to include hoodies, artwork, coins, playing cards, flasks, and calendars, among other things.

Want to get in touch with us?
Send a pigeon our way with design suggestions, concerns, thank yous and simple greetings.

Want to know a little more about the dedicated owners of Ta'veren Tees? We aren't robots, or even a huge corporation. We're four WoT fans, just like you.

Elaine Brinson
Q: If you were dropped into the world of The Wheel of Time, where would you go and what group would you join?
A: I would either be a Wise One or Brown Ajah, depending on whether or not I am feeling militant or manipulative! Either of those groups fit my world view and interests...we should be responsible for our own actions, sway (or order!) others to find solutions and respond appropriately, and learning is good for its own sake because you never know when you will need it.

Q: What drew you to TWoT?
A: I fell in love with the series because it follows the hero's and heroine's quest in an interesting and novel way. Robert Jordan's descriptions painted pictures in my mind and I could visualize each person, location, and personality. The plot lines and story arcs fascinated me. I have read it through from the beginning each time a new book came out and always found something new, an insight about the characters or plot or an understanding I could apply to myself, or recognize out in the world. The world myths, history, and Jordan's philosophy entwine to make the reading so enjoyable and allows the work to be read on multiple levels-pure fun and adventure or serious study.

Kiley Daniel
Q: Which of the main characters would you follow into battle and why?
A: I would probably be an Aes Sedai, and if I was truly an Aes Sedai, I would probably be following Egwene. But, I have always been a huge Rand-fangirl. So, I would choose to follow Rand and support the Dragon Reborn however possible. It bothered me when people failed to show him the support and loyalty I felt he deserved - this man is ready to go sacrifice himself for all of us. THAT is the ultimate show of courage and I would support that no matter what. Oh, and he's dreamy ;)

Q: What's your favorite book in the series and why?
A: I really love "The Fires of Heaven" because it feels like SO MUCH happens in that book. It's the fifth in the series and yet it seems like that is where all the individual stories really begin and everything starts to really get rolling. The end of that book is just...amazing.

Jeffrey Daniel
Q: Which of the main characters would you follow into battle and why?
A: I know I'm in the minority, but I would follow Perrin. I like his sense of honor and duty and the way that he handles things (outside of his major flaw regarding Faile that is...). I've always associated myself with Perrin and his strength and careful deliberate thought.

Q: What's your favorite book in the series and why?
A: The Shadow Rising. Each of the characters really get set on their path for the remainder of the series in this book, and I think it clearly shows what The Wheel of Time is all about. I love everything that happens in that book, especially with the ta'veren.

Sophie Coleman
Q: If you were dropped into the world of The Wheel of Time, where would you go and what group would you join?

A: I would definitely be an Aes Sedai. Ever since I was little, I was always drawn to series where characters had special powers and fought for the greater good. I would be in the White Tower running errands for my ajah, curing fellow Aes Sedai, Warders, and other villagers while looking to expand my knowledge of saidar.

Q: What drew you to TWoT?
A: A friend in high school loved The Wheel of Time series and suggested that I read it as well. Since we had similar tastes in books, movies, and music, I followed her suggestion and bought "The Eye of the World" during summer break. I like reading fantasy and fiction genre books the most as I enjoy the creativity of fiction that opens up the boundaries of a new world with magic or other elements out of the ordinary. When I read a book, I want to escape from reality and go on adventures! The Wheel of Time book series has the magic, the details, and the characters that would leave me wanting to read more and share this magical world with other people.

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