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Art Print: Water and Shade (Aradani Studios)


Officially licensed The Wheel of Time™ artwork by Paul Bielaczyc, Water and Shade, depicts a symbolic Rhuidean, the city in the Aiel Waste, and various aspects of the Aiel and Rhuidean are incorporated. Avendesora rises in the center, its dark history with Matrim silhouetted against the thick fog that settles over the city. The concentric glass column ter'angreal stands ominously beside the tree, awaiting those who would dare enter and learn the truth. The sun represented as an Aiel buckler, and the reflection of the scene for the lake that will flow in Rhuidean after Rand's fight with Asmodean.
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Product Code: WATER-SHADE

11 X 14 Water and Shade Artwork by Paul Bielaczyc
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